ABITS & Associates, Inc.

Automated Bookkeeping & Income Tax Service

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Your Financial Guide  
Automated Bookkeeping & Income Tax Service (ABITS) serves as your business and guide to assist you in the following:
  • Paying the lowest taxes possible and keeping more of what you make. 
  • Audit Representation 
  • Satisfying recordkeeping and report filing requirements. 
  • Solving business problems 
  • Using financial and audit reports to make sound business decisions. 
  • Achieving the maximum profit from your business venture. 
  • Communicating with other professionals and government agencies. 
  • Planning your estate to achieve your wishes and reduce tax costs. 
Professional Competence 
ABITS has demonstrated professional competence by meeting high education and experience standards for the accounting profession, and meeting continuing education requirements.
Tax Planning & Preparation 
ABITS prepares all required tax returns to assure that you are paying no more taxes than necessary. Throughout the year ABITS monitors tax law changes that will effect you, recommends tax saving strategies, and serves as your advocate in tax matters
Investment Review 
ABITS acts as a sounding board for your investment ideas and suggests the best structure to maximize your after-tax return.
Recordkeeping & Reports 
ABITS designs accounting systems to fit your business and personal financial affairs. ABITS also prepares payroll reports, journals, general ledgers, reports to state and federal agencies, and other financial records and reports. 
Financial Services
ABITS can provide you and your business with a full range of financial services.
Business Problem Solving 
As you start a business, ABITS helps you select the proper organizational structure and secure adequate financing. ABITS works with you and your banker, lawyer, insurance agent, and other advisors to solve your business problems. You receive assistance with loan applications, pricing, credit policies, cash flow, cost controls and your other business needs.
Financial Statements 
ABITS can prepare or supervise the preparation of financial statements. Compilation, review or unaudited statements can be provided according to your needs. Helping you to use the statements in managing your business and increasing your profitability is an important aspect for ABITS service to you.
Audits Representation  
ABITS handles all IRS audit nd appeals, payroll tax audit, sales tax audit and state labor problems.
Financial & Estate Planning 
ABITS is your financial consultant, working with you to minimize estate taxes. A total program including an analysis of net worth, investment review, family gifting, trusts, retirement planning and family business transfers, is available to assist you in maximizing benefits for you and your heirs.
Other Services Provided by ABITS:
  • Computer selection and use 
  • Business sales and acquisitions 
  • Lease versus Buy decisions 
  • Real estate sale and acquisitions 
  • Projections, budgets, goals 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Tax shelter analysis 
  • Loans and Debt applications 
  • Equipment purchases and sales 
  • Office systems and controls 
  • Pension and profit sharing plans 
  • Offer in compromise